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The Story of the Journal

By Lana Trent
IvyAlthough the journal is a collaborative effort, involving many people and several years, it was really born out of my own failings in prayer.
Then one day, my friend and pastor, Tom, told me that he was praying for me on Tuesdays. That was a revolutionary concept for me. It never occurred to me not to pray every day for every request. Since then, I have worked to develop a structure to manage and encourage my prayer life.
The next main idea of the journal was created by a need at my church in Indianapolis. God convicted me that I wasn’t praying specifically or strategically. I met with our senior pastor and eventually our prayer leadership team, and together we developed a system where every staff member, elder and deacon had a team of seven people praying for them each day. A guide that we created gave each person some specific areas to pray for each day. The result was a core of more than 500 people praying every day for our church. (To learn more, click here. )
After moving to Chicago and joining Willow Creek Community Church, my prayer life continued to thrive. Wonderful, godly women agreed to meet with me and share their wisdom. We added more Scripture to keep the “conversation starters” fresh, and I learned more on praying God’s Word.
GazeboAs the journal began to take shape, Tim Botts agreed to let us use his artwork. Randy Beck and WordSearch team offered to share their Bible Explorer Software. Harvest Prayer Ministries agreed to help. The mission organization, SIM, offered to share their Scripture Guides. Many others have graciously given input and guidance and have prayed for this project. My name may be on the project, but because it really grew out of community and God’s leading, it just seemed fitting to write it in a plural form. So although I wrote the text, God through his church has provided the resources. I’m just the project manager.
Finally, we also wanted to let you know that 100% of all profits from Conversation Starters With God are being donated to the needs of AIDS orphans in Africa through the ministries of World Vision,  and SIM. Our prayer is that this journal will make a difference in your life and theirs.