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Six Main Sections

You might be familiar with the ACTS acronym for prayer which stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. For our journal, Conversation Starters with God (CSWG), we are using a similar approach—Praise, Repent, Give Thanks and Ask— with the addition of Seek and Receive. Since prayer is a two-way conversation, the Receive area is crucial. We need to receive His direction, leading, word and His love. And since seeking is foundational to prayer, it is important to also include the Seek Section.

Click on the links below for information on each area:

Seek | Praise | Repent | Give Thanks | Ask | Receive

Seek Him, His Presence, and His Voice

SeekSeeking God is foundational to a successful prayer life. It’s an attitude. It is rejecting self-sufficiency and seeking God's direction and input.

This section is more about the motivation for prayer rather than the actual prayer itself. I view it as the “warm up” that I need to keep reminding myself of the importance of seeking God and making our relationship a priority.

An important point of the section is learning your spiritual pathway.

To contribute a Bible selection for future "Seek" versions, please contribute via our "Share with Us" page.

Praise...Using the Names of God

In prayer, praise and adoration should be the kickoff.Praise

In this section, the focus is on the different names of God.  God’s names were given in the context of and according to His people’s needs. Use these selections in your prayers as a reminder of the vastness and power of our God to meet your needs. Each name is something more to grab onto as we grow to know and love Him better.

Other praise sections are available for future use under the Prayer Guides.

To contribute a Bible selection for future "Seek" versions, please contribute via our "Share with Us" page.

Repent and Receive Forgiveness

The prayer of repentance may be the most neglected area of prayer today. In our world of tolerance and autonomy,Repent we are reluctant to admit that we make mistakes. But for the Christian, repentance and confession are crucial to living a life of freedom. Satan loves to beat us down and convince us to keep our hurtful thoughts and deeds in the dark.

Use these 31 Bible selections as a jump start to your own personal confession. There’s one verse for each day of the month.

To contribute a Bible selection for future "Repent" versions, please contribute a verse in the "Share with us" Page.

Give Thanks to God for He is Good

Everyone wants to be appreciated, and I believe we are like God in that regard. The Bible tells us that God wants Thanksand deserves our thanks. Verse after verse commands us to give thanks. God set up holidays and monuments so that the people of Israel would remember His work and would pause to give thanks.

Thirty-one Bible selections are included to help you jump start your own personal time of thanksgiving.

Other thanksgiving sections are available in our Prayer Guides area.

To contribute a Bible selection for future "Give Thanks" versions, please contribute a verse in the "Share with us" section.

Ask and it will be given

"..the prevailing power of God flows through those who pray. The battle (Exodus 17) was not run in the valley where hands were lifted in violence. It was won up on the hillside where hands were lifted high in prayer. When those hands ere too tired, it was won by other hands that came alongside and helped in prayer. Prayer was not preparation for the battle and it was not an aide to the was the battle. Because the prevailing power of God flows through those who pray."   John Ortberg, Journey Toward God

I’ve struggled in my prayer life. Sometimes, I’ve told someone I was going to pray for them and then forgotten to do it. I’ve also felt overwhelmed with my long list of people and requests for which I wish to pray.Ask

I needed a structure to help me succeed. This section describes what developed from my search for structure. It may work for you and it may not. The key is to find something that fits you, your personality and your way of connecting with God.

Generic calendar pages can be downloaded. These monthly calendars are great to remind yourself to pray for special events, surgeries, etc.
Extra journal pages are also avaialble for download to help you keep track of your different prayer requests.

Receive His Word, His Peace, and His Love

In our conversations with God, it’s crucial that we learn to listen and to receive. We need His wisdom, His strength, His peace and His fruit in our lives if we are to become complete in Christ.Receive

This section provides tools and guidance on how to receive from the One who seeks to give.

One tool highly valued by current users has been the "Review of the Day" created by Sybil Towner and Sharon Swing.

A good friend, Chris Conti, wrote these suggestions notes on Journaling,  We also recommend, the web site

Click to download Extra journal pages. Just print out, cut and 3 hole punch.