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The Journal

The Conversation Starters With God Journal

Bible by stained glass

Sometimes we need a little help to get a conversation going. That's one reason the greeting card industry is such a booming business. Expressing praise, giving thanks and confessing sin to God don’t always come easy. We hope to do for you what the greeting card companies have done for years: help you get started so that you can express yourself as you would like to.

The reference journal contains items and exercises to enhance your prayer life. They include:

  • Timothy R.Botts' beautiful calligraphy Scripture drawings
  • Bible Explorer Software to help you learn more about the One to Whom you are praying and find Bible selections to help you pray God’s Word.
  • Six main sections of Seek, Praise, Repent, Give Thanks, Ask and Receive with practical exercises, suggestions and a list of additional resources.
  • Bible selections in several areas to help you pray purposely and strategically.
  • A simple organization system to help you organize your prayer requests, mission letters and emails
  • Prayer guides on a variety of subjects that you can download and use.

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