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Women's Ministry Example

The Women's Ministry

For our women's ministry, we followed a similar path to the church example, but more for prayers for the specific ministry.

  1. Groups
  2. My role in Women’s Ministry
  3. Staff
  4. Grace
  5. Growth
  6. Gifts
  7. Good Stewardship

Praying for Small Groups

  • ...God will give wisdom to our leaders to meet the needs of their members.
  • ...for our mentors and mentees to be teachable, committed and discerning.
  • ...God will bless our groups with a growing sense of honest community.
  • ...God will strengthen our groups’ understanding of the Bible and God will bless the teaching of His Word.
  • ...our groups will be open to new people and welcome them warmly.
  • leaders will be raised to start new groups.

My Role in Women's Ministry

  • an instrument of God’s grace, reaching out to newcomers.
  • a good steward of my time, talent and treasures.
  • and use my gifts for the benefit of those in the Women’s Ministry and the rest of the church body.
  • involved in a small group building community.
  • ...Grow in love and knowledge of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit through His Word.
  • ...reach out to others who don’t have a growing relationship with Christ.

For the Staff

  • their leadership roles as they seek God’s will for the future of our ministry.
  • their pastoral roles as they shepherd our ministry members.
  • their teaching roles, that they would proclaim God’s Word faithfully and communicate clearly.
  • their personal walk with Christ, that they would continue to grow in their love for God and seek His face in their daily lives.
  • ...for their personal time, for regular times of rest and renewal.

Grace in Women's Ministry

  • understanding God’s gift of grace to us, we will be able to genuinely, extend this to others.
  • ...God will help us accept and honor those that may seem different from us.
  • ...God will help us to hold each other in the highest regard, considering one another above ourselves.
  • ...the Holy Spirit would move women to serve the under-resourced in the urban and the suburban areas with their small groups.
  • ...more would women would take a faith step towards international trips.

Growth in Women's Ministry
Pray that God will...

  • ...grant us wisdom, understanding and a clearer picture of Him in our journey.
  • ...continually transform each of us into the likeness of Christ.
  • ...reveal to us the next steps toward greater levels of growth.
  • ...supernaturally permeate our teaching so that all may hear His voice in it.
  • our programming and retreats according to His plan and purposes.
  • ...grow us into a healthier authentic community committed to loving one another.

Gifts in Women's Ministry
Pray that God will...

  • ...lead us in the discovery of our spiritual gifts.
  • ...empower us to use the gifts He has given us for His glory.
  • ...raise up apprentice leaders and helpers for the many Women’s small groups.
  • ...bless others in the ministry through the unleashing of our spiritual gifts.
  • us teach, lead and shepherd others in the development of their spiritual gifts.

Good Stewardship
Pray that God will....

  • use our time and spiritual gifts wisely for His purposes and for our own growth.
  • us use our financial resources responsibly for His purposes and for our own growth.
  • ...grant wisdom to our leaders in making choices on how to use the provided resources.