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Creative Prayer Ideas

Here's some simple ideas to consider for use of the prayer journal:

On the coffee table

  1. For each person/organization that you are praying, create a separate page. Record the date that you start praying for a specific need, and when it is answered add a date.
  2. Add a picture for each person that you are praying; this will help draw you in.
  3. Find specific Scriptures to support an issue that you are praying. Personalize for the person.
  4. Check out your local day timer/Franklin planner supplies. They have resources that can be added to your notebook.  For some that break up their prayer requests into more detail, they have other daily and monthly tabs, picture holders, etc.
  5. File your newsletters/emails of your missionaries to help prompt you to pray.

For your church: Create a "content card" for each of your church leaders and staff.  Ask each staff member to recruit at least seven people to pray for them.  See the first tab below for more on praying for staff.

We provide some strategic examples as well as some group retreat-like activities that may be beneficial.

We also share recommendations for some books, software programs and other tools and ideas.

If you have a good idea that you would like to share, please share with us.


Prayer for Staff | Singles Ministry | Praying for Neighbors | Group Activities | Recommendations


Prayer for Staff

One of the reasons we created the journal, was to help our congregation pray more specifically and strategically for our church staff, elders and deacons.  We developed a system where every staff member, elder and deacon had a team of seven people praying for them each day. A guide that we created gave each person some specific areas to pray for each day. The result was a core of more than 500 people praying every day for our church. We also applied this guide to prayer for our women's ministry. Links for both are listed below:

We also recommend visiting - a great  resource to help each person being covered to keep contact with those praying.

Singles Ministry

Our church was in transition in singles ministry and we wanted a prayer emphasis for 30 days. We chose a tie-in to McDonalds.  We handed out a reminder card and asked each person to pray for 30 days any time they saw an ad or drove by a McDonalds.  We chose this for several reasons:

  • Hopefully, they would be reminded a lot to pray.
  • It's a place where singles and doubles are both on the menu.
  • McDonalds' slogan, "I'm lovin' it" would be true of our singles ministry.

The Prayer of Jabez for Singles

Praying for Neighbors

Gene Appel, lead pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, stresses the importance of prayer working behind the scenes in God Kingdom. Prayer went before the formation of the newly church and throughout history.

Our church was preparing an outreach to our neighborhood and we wanted to give our congregation a reminder to pray for our neighbors one day a week.  As part of our series called "Love Lives Next Door," each attendee received a reflective sticker when they entered. the auditorium encouraging them to pray on recycling day. The three words stood for:
Request Respond Refelct
REQUEST - pray for the needs of  your neighbors.

RESPOND - to God direction and opportunities.

REFLECT - the person of Christ to your neighbors.

The leadership of the ministry team agrees the idea wasn't necessary conventional but it:

  • Ties in to Bill Hybel's message “Walk Across the Room” and witnessing to the his neighbor while taking out his recycling.
  • It’s the one time in Chicago that brings us out of our houses and into the streets.
  • It ties in with recycling where the old becomes new.
  • It’s a visible symbol to each other. (Help fellow attendees identify one another in their neighborhoods.)

Group Activties

The Journey is an interactive prayer experience based on a feature in European medieval cathedrals.  The Journey was introduced in Europe and made available by Campus Crusade for Christ web site. Click on the link to learn more.

At a recent women's retreat, they created  a similar journey as listed above but used the Conversation Starters With God notebook in sections as an emphasis. At each station, the participants read a modified roadmap.


We Recommend the Following Books and Software:


  • Too Busy Not to Pray - Bill Hybels
  • Prayer - Richard Foster
  • Breaking Free - Beth Moore
  • Praying God's Word - Beth Moore
  • Partners in Prayer - John Maxwell
  • Experiencing God - Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King

Worship DVD

  • Life Together Worship Series


Web Sites