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Prayer Guides

Prayer Guides

By Water FountainSometimes life gets a little stormy and we need to call out to God in prayer. Listed below are over 60 various Biblical prayer guides.  Most are from SIM and their ByPrayer website in partnership with the International Bible Society.  Let these guides help you help you get started in your prayer time.  They cover a wide range of topics.

Each one is made to fit the Conversation Starters With God Journal as well as Becky Tirabassi' "My Partner" notebook.  In addition, these pages work well for Daytimers and Franklin Planners with the 5.5 x 8.5 pages.
All of these gudes are PDFs. Contact Adobe to download the software.

You'll need to modify your three-hole punch for the different size. Most three-hole punch machines allow you to adjust the settings.

Featuring now: Prayers guides from Debbie Breaux. Debbie is a woman who believes in the power of prayer and praying Scripture.  She is a wife, mother and grandmother and serves in ministry with her husband, Mike, at Willow Creek Community Church.  She wrote prayers for praying against different strongholds (ingrained sins) in our lives.  These guides are two pages; just fold and three-hole punch.

Brand New: Personalized  prayer guides for praying for children are now available.

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Praise Prayer Guides:

Giving Thanks:


Specific Themes:

Following a Person/Book

Following a Person/Book:

See the Worship Prayer Guides for Praying through the Psalms

Praying for Others

Praying for Others:


Praying for Missionaries/Mission Groups:

Debbie Breaux

Debbie Breaux's Prayers Against Strongholds